May 8, 2009

Drogba apologizes for outburst

Not sure it means much now, but Chelsea forward Didier Drogba has apologized for acting like a lunatic and abusing ref Tom Henning Ovrebo after the Blues UCL semifinal loss to Barcelona.
He said "In the heat of the moment I let out my huge frustration and disappointment. For that, I apologise."
Turns out, it might not be enough to keep the striker at Stamford Bridge.

Owner Roman A. was none too happy in watching the petulant Ivorian, who might just have signed his ticket out of London with his antics.

"Abramovich was said to be furious that the image of his club had taken another battering," much like it did when Drogba was sent off in last year's UCL final for a slap.

Poor Chelsea and it's UCL misfortune. David Villa will make up for it though.

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