May 21, 2009

Fergie v. brave reporter

The Manchester United boss had a bit of a dust-up with a curious Sky reporter in a press conference about the upcoming Champions League final.

The Daily Mail has a great transcript, but I'll remove their little commentary. Feel free to check it out if you like.
Reporter: 'Sir Alex, it's almost a two-game strategy, I imagine, with Rome coming up next Wednesday. It's important you get the right team for that and the right team for the weekend?'

Ferguson: 'Well, we're talking about the Champions League aren't we?'

Reporter: 'Not mentioning the implications of choosing the right team on Sunday?'

Ferguson (raising his voice): 'I'm not interested in Sunday at the moment. We are talking about the Champions League. Did you not listen to the girl? Christ! That's a good start.'
Even as a journalist myself, sometimes it's entertaining to see fellow writers get blasted.

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