May 8, 2009

Gerrard: We're too good not to win it

Stevie G., ever the optimist.
'We're so close to doing it this season I believe we can still nick it. If we don't and United close it out, then we're going to have a right good go at it over the next three, four or five years and I believe we're too good not to win it.
Let's try to find that scenario, one in which the Reds can nick it.

In truth, I see Liverpool winning its last three games to finish with 86 points.

United has 80 points with four games left.

Man City -- home
Wigan -- away
Arsenal -- home
Hull -- away

Conceding a defeat the Gunners, I can't see the Red Devils getting less than seven points in the other three.

Sorry Stevie. It's over.

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