May 29, 2009

Kobe blasted in English paper

Oh the tongue-in-cheek air of superiority from the English about their football.

The L.A. Times caught a bit of trash talk directed at Barca fan Kobe Bryant before the Champions League final in the Guardian.
"Kobe who?" asked the newspaper. "Apparently, he's big in America, but so is shooting your friends. The L.A. Lakers' main attraction claims that he's Barcelona through and through and he loves watching soccer when he's not counting his money."
Shooting your friends, WTF. Go fix your teeth you sodding redcoats.

Kobe is winning. Barca is winning.

English soccer -- and the rags that support them -- is losing.


David said...

I thought The Beautiful Game was about fun and soccer. Mmmm at least us Aussies can spot the humour. Oh well Americans lack the humility to be able to laugh at themselves. If you cannot laugh at yourself then do not be so arrogant to laugh at other cultures.

The Beautiful Game said...

i was trying to be tongue in cheek too, i'm not as good as the guardian