May 8, 2009

Next step in Beckham's saga

Obviously David Beckham doesn't want to be involved with Major League Soccer anymore.

So what's the next step? Avoid coming back to America entirely, specifically after the Serie A season ends.
La Gazzetta Dello Sport claims the English international is so in love with Calcio that he would like to take part in the Rossoneri's pre-season and start the next campaign in a Milan jersey. The report suggests the player's legal team are in Los Angeles trying to find a way of rescinding his Galaxy deal earlier than expected.
His contract with MLS ends later this year. But he's like "what's the point?" "What's a couple more months?"

I agree. Let him loose.

But try to get some of his money first.


overmars said...

one thing will let him go

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and lot's of it, it's not like he isn't rolling in it?

FanZine said...

He just wants an extension to his loan spell with Milan and why not? the World Cup is around the corner and being in the MLS will not help his cause. I'd say that Galaxy loan him out for another season with Milan, similar to the Tevez case in Man Utd. He will definitely come back to MLS after that and put MLS in the soccer world map.