May 29, 2009

Paolo Maldini's sendoff ruined

Apparently a small group of fans held up a mean banner up during his last game.

The Italian legend was hurt.
"I was a wounded man," Maldini told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "The stadium was full of families and 70,000 people who were cheering me. It's a shame those 500 ruined the party."
Somebody call the world'ssmallest violin whambulence.

What's next? Crying over not having a bronze statue outside the stadium.

You were great, but you're not a god. So a couple people weren't bowing down to you, so what? Everyone else was cheering their hearts out!

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Anonymous said...

Maldini has played over 1000 league games for AC Milan; the first player to have ever done that; you show an exceptional LACK OF KNOWLEDGE it's unbelievable - and what's worse, the 500 (more than that) were AC Milan Ultimate Fans - that is why it hurt Maldini so much, also the club not defending him prior to the match and after. Delete this article please, site owner, as this writer has no idea what he's talking about.