May 26, 2009

Rangers fans are crazy

Congrats Rangers on winning the Scottish league title. Thats all the praise you get, because your fans are out of control.

Turns out a group of em, referred to in this story as "militant Protestant supporters" drove into a Catholic area of town and attacked some Celtic fans -- killing one.

The hooligans came donning Rangers jerseys, scarves and also weapons. Meet the victims:
Kevin McDaid, 49, was fatally bludgeoned while his wife, Evelyn, and a 46-year-old Catholic neighbor, Damien Fleming, were both injured. Fleming was reported in critical condition.

Police said they arrested seven men on suspicion of involvement in the attack.
That is damn crazy. I hope the attackers are locked up for a long time.

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JustSoccerJerseys said...

What a sad story to read especially since they just won the Scottish Premier League title.