May 8, 2009

A Steve McClaren sighting?

So what, you ask, is the reason for a big winking picture of the big failure?

He might take the Ajax job. Which is a step up.

Maybe his trek back to the big show isn't far off.

Who woulda thought?


Joep Smeets said...

"He might take the Ajax job. Which is a step up."

No it isn't. Twente is a well developing club who's approaching the top. Ajax is a mess you won't believe

FanZine said...

On the contrary, I believe Steve McClaren will jump at the chance to manage Ajax and sort out the sinking ship. He can do it, Twente is and always will be a stepping stone while he regains credibility. Mac screwed up as England manager but he did take Middlesborough to two Cup final and the UEFA final.