June 9, 2009

Beckham has a man crush

Apparently he loves this Theo Walcott kid. A fellow right mid that, in theory, is competition for playing time on the English national team.

Bah, that's no bother.
He said: "I think Theo Walcott has performed well every time he has put on an England shirt. He is always a threat. A player with that pace and the way he runs at players and goes past players, he is always a threat.

"He is a talented player and, even against Kazakhstan, you gave him the ball, you put the ball in front of him, and he causes any defence problems.

"I have not seen too many of his Arsenal games. I don't care what anyone says about his form. Theo is going to be a threat to any defender in the world.

"Whether he is in form or not, he is going to be a threat to any player. He is a great person, and a great player, and he is fine.''
And he is fine?

Those telling last four words.

And he is fine.

Oh, is he?

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