June 9, 2009

Carlos Alberto = overreactor

Sure the big clubs around the world are buying up Brazil's talent, but Carlos Alberto's reaction was a bit much, I think.
"It is is disgraceful United are allowed to rape Brazilian football," said Alberto, whose closing goal sealed Brazil's memorable 4-1 victory in the 1970 final. "The big teams have the money and can take our best players. It is a big problem in Brazil. The clubs cannot keep good young players because they can make much more money in other countries."
Strong words dude.

Rape? Really?

I might've gone with "pimp", if you were looking for a strong, attention-grabbing word the media would love.

And I'm sure all the young Brazilians turned millionaires aren't complaining about the money being thrown at 'em.

So maybe statutory rape?

I don't know. I need to stop this post right now.

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