June 2, 2009

Confed Cup TV schedule

Big props to Stupid Sideline Reporters for putting in the formatting work (first round's on me Mookie).

Here's ESPN TV schedule for the Confederations Cup in South Africa in a couple weeks.

CBC and BBC will also be broadcasting some games.

You'll have to click the link for those though...


Sunday, June 14 – 6:55 am PT – South Africa vs. Iraq – ESPN2
Sunday, June 14 – 11:25 am PT – New Zealand vs. Spain – ESPN2

Monday, June 15 – 6:55 am PT – Brazil vs. Egypt – ESPN2
Monday, June 15 – 11:25 am PT – United States vs. Italy – ESPN

Wednesday, June 17 – 6:55 am PT – Spain vs. Iraq – ESPN2
Wednesday, June 17 – 11:25 am PT – New Zealand vs. South Africa – ESPN2

Thursday, June 18 – 6:55 am PT – United States vs. Brazil – ESPN2
Thursday, June 18 – 11:25 am PT – Egypt vs. Italy – ESPN2

Saturday, June 20 – 11:25 am PT – Spain vs. South Africa – ESPN2
Sunday, June 21 – 10:00 pm PT – Iraq vs. New Zealand – ESPN2 (tape delay)

Sunday, June 21 – 11:25 am PT – Egypt vs. United States – ESPN2
Sunday, June 21 – 11:25 am PT – Italy vs. Brazil – ESPN

Wednesday, June 24 – 11:25 am PT – Semifinal #1 – ESPN
Thursday, June 25 – 11:25 am PT – Semifinal #2 – ESPN

Sunday, June 28 – 5:55 am ET – Third-place game – ESPN2
Sunday, June 28 – 11:25 am ET – Championship game – ESPN2

Only Iraq vs. New Zealand will be shown on tape delay. The rest of the games are live.


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