June 11, 2009

UPDATED: Confederations Cup predictions

(because I'm an idiot, I mistakenly added Australia to the tournament in place of Iraq, let's try this again, shall we?)

Group A (w/ FIFA world ranking)
Spain (1): 3-0-0
Australia (29): 1-1-1
South Africa (72): 1-1-1
Iraq (77): 0-1-2
New Zealand (82): 0-2-1

Group B (w/ FIFA world ranking)
Brazil (5): 2-0-1
Italy (4): 1-0-2
U.S.A. (14): 1-1-1
Egypt (82): 0-3-0

Spain 3, Italy 1
Brazil 4, South Africa 0

Third-place game
Italy 3, South Africa 1

Spain 3, Brazil 2


Xanthorpe said...

I'm down with your predictions (I can only HOPE that the US can beat Egypt).

The only change I'd make is Italy beating Australia in the 3rd place game. The Aussies couldn't even beat Qatar the other day.

At least I think it was Qatar - it was some no-account squad.

Martin said...

I thought that Iraq was in group A, in place of Australia?

I do like your predictions for group B, hopefully the US can come up with some results next week.

Ted said...

I'd be very surprised if Australia win a single point or score a single goal...


Group A is Spain, Iraq, New Zealand, and South Africa. Iraq are there as Asian champions, not Australia.

Starting11 said...

It's a ho-hum event. The biggest story will be how South Africa as a nation comes through this tournament, especially around security and politics. If all's quiet, then all's well. Otherwise, who cares who wins, unless Egypt, NZ or Iraq pulls off a stunner. Hell, I guess the U.S. should be in that group of minnows as well.

But, ok, I'm a sport -- Spain beats Brazil in the final, 2-1.