June 12, 2009

Conspiracy against Freddy

A great post over at That's on Point -- a daily stop for me, and should be for you too -- spots a dig at the young Freddy Adu.

Some unnamed USSF source is quoted in the most recent Sports Illustrated as saying, "He's a defensive liability, and he hasn't shown that he's all that good at scoring and assisting."

Seems like some people involved with the national team have gone to great lengths to take a shot at a 20 year old.

That's messed up.

God forbid the team have any offensive creativity. Hoping for Landon Donovan penalty kicks is our best hope of scoring these days.

Mr. Cardillo posts a video that shows some of the youngsters ball skills against two of the world's best sides (Spain, Argentina) and we've seen what we can do at a high level in the U-20 World Cup a couple years ago.

I can't wait to see this kid play and if you're not going to Mr. Bob Bradley, at least keep your minions from bad-mouthing the kid to the media.

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