June 9, 2009

Finally! Kaka officially to Real Madrid

Thank god this one's over -- and it finished with no surprises.

I'm actually glad to see the move. It gives Spanish side some serious potential (especially if another move or two is made) and also Italian soccer is kinda lame these days.

We can thank Mr. Beckham in part:
"I spoke to some friends, like Beckham, who has already played for Real. He said it's a fantastic place to play. I spoke to him this past week and he kept helping me, he said I made a positive choice for my career's growth.

"Real Madrid intend to build a great team, with historic players such as Raul and Iker Casillas. We will make history again, both in Spain and Europe.
Oh, he might wear Zidane's No. 5, but the Brazilian is reluctant about that one. But the important part is the move got done on deadline, as promised.

See, that wasn't so hard. Was it, Cristiano?

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