June 3, 2009

Gooch is suing punk for racial taunt

Good for him.

Some classless idiot (Anderlecht’s Jelle Van Damme) in the Belgian league called him "a dirty monkey."

So Gooch is gonna make him pay. Here's his lawyer, Jean-Louis Dupont:
“He was convinced it was his duty to lodge the complaint,” Dupont said. “It is not a question whether Van Damme is racist. The issue is that these slurs are still used on the pitch, and are being used because they know it hurts.”
The massive American is trying to do his part to rid the game of this nonsense. Sounds like he didn't get much help from the ref.
In three separate incidents during the tense 1-1 draw, Onyewu claims Van Damme called him a “monkey.” Onyewu alerted the referee but the match was not interrupted. At one point, Onyewu threatened to leave the field but “the teammates convinced him to stay,” his court complaint said.
Jesus man. All the best to Onyewu, I love this guy.

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