June 4, 2009

Guess who's coming back...?

David Beckham.

He returns to the U.S. on July 11 and his MLS debut will be five days later in New York. He caught up with the lads at MLSnet.com and filled 'em in on his goings on.
"I'm committed to being one, an ambassador for the MLS and soccer in America, because I still believe that in 10, 15 years that this game will lift to the level where it can compete with some of the big teams in Europe and some of the big leagues in Europe," the midfielder said in an interview with MLSnet.com.

"Obviously, I'm committed to the Galaxy," he said. "I said that to the players before I left and I said it to the manager and I said it to Tim Leiweke [of Galaxy ownership group AEG] before I left. This is not me running away from soccer in America. This is me doing something that I need to do to achieve certain goals with my country."
Forgive us if there's no red carpet this time.

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