June 19, 2009

Hail Hadary! (Confed. Cup roundup)

Name: Essam Kamal Tawfik El-Hadary
Position: Goalkeeper
Country: Egypt
Age: 36
Awesomeness: 10 outta 10

This guy was unstoppable. One of the best individual performances I've seen in a long time. Italy's Iaquinta is gonna have nightmares of Hadary for a while.

Goal.com's player ratings gave him a perfect marks. Nuff said.

* * *

And now for that U.S.A./Brazil game.

Ugh, do I have to?

Another stupid red card. Very, very stupid. It was the only time I saw Kljestan all game, he needs to go.

So does DaMarcus Beasley. I'm officially done with him.

The sad thing is, the Egypt win kept the USMNT mathematically alive, so you just know Bob is gonna play another piss-poor boring lineup that can't create. Had the U.S. been eliminated we might have seen to youngsters (Torres, Davies, Adu) get some international experience.


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