June 30, 2009

How you got here...

I haven't done this in a while, but soccer news has been slow. Check out these recent Google searches that brought people to my blog.

I've added some editorial comments in italics. Fun times:
  • "brad evans have a girlfriend" (not sure, next time add a '?')
  • "teens gone wild video" (sorry my blog didn't help you out)
  • "ronaldo dinosaur" (nice ad)
  • "clint dempsey" (deuce is popular, rightfully so)
  • "fifa 08 how to get be a pro season" (can't understand that one)
  • "soccer moms gone wild" (probably didn't help again)
  • "Kovax Brothers Wine" (I should get some free bottles, only fair)
  • "michael owen galatasaray" (do they know something we don't)
  • "games with totti" (what kind of games?)
  • "frre vedio on gk" (horrible spellers love my blog)
  • "carlos bocanegra salma hayek" (sounds like a cute couple)
  • "wild teens" (apologies for not having a smut site)
  • "blamestorming TV video" (my new favorite word)
  • "goal 3" (horrible movie, don't watch it)
  • "pranking game" (I don't know any)
  • "Ike Opara" (I forgot who he is)
  • "femalestreaker" (one word? two words?)


The Editor said...

How does this work? I'd like to do the same for SSN. Cheers, Sanford

The Beautiful Game said...

you need sitemeter

then click the referrals tabs and it let's you know how people got to your site (via link or google search)

The Editor said...

Cheers -- one of these days I'll get my act together on the tech front!

farnandas said...

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