June 15, 2009

Michael Owen is desperate

The ol' Englishman is dying to get away from Newcastle and back in the Premiership.

He's even got a company producing a brochure of propaganda highlights/information to send to prospective EPL buyers, including Aston Villa, Everton, Portsmouth and West Ham.
It is believed to be the first time in Premier League history that a player has produced his own prospectus to prompt a transfer.

The one-time golden boy of English football and former European Footballer of the Year has been reduced to hawking himself around after suffering the ignominy of relegation with Newcastle.
Seriously, that's kind of sad.

Really sad actually.

Whatever happened to "England 5, Germany 1, Michael Owen's No. 1"...?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

All injuries aside, Michael just gets no love anymore. I remember when he was an 18 year old playing for Liverpool and he was lightning in a bottle. The move to Real was the worst thing he ever did.

Are you listening, Christiano?