June 4, 2009

Michael Owen sues, wins

Don't tell the oft-injured forward he's done. Especially when he's not.

The Daily Express found that out the hard way and had to pay Owen reparations for some harmful headlines.

"Unwanted Toon striker at a cross roads, Finished at 29?"

"Owen ready for sad finale".

Slander! And the lawsuit agreed, giving good ol' Mikey a nice payout.
The Express also agreed to publish a public apology to Owen.

A spokesman for Owen said: "Michael is delighted to have won his case and to have set the record straight. He would have preferred not to take action, but had no alternative in this case. Michael is pleased that this matter has now been resolved and he can put it behind him."
Now prove yourself right and have a comeback to speak of.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And if he IS washed up??? Does he have to give them the money back?? Why should they be punished for being prescient, or for just stating the obvious?