June 19, 2009

Sepp criticizes MLS schedule

He doesn't like the March to November deal.

The president of FIFA wants the U.S. to fit in with the rest of the soccer world:
“The result is, you will not attract star players from Europe to play six or seven months,” Blatter said. He continued: “This is not the right solution for M.L.S. They have to adapt themselves to the international calendar. If they do that, they can have success.”
Sure, there would be some advantages to flipping the schedule around, but there would also be a ton o' disadvantages.

The sport can barely get any attention during every sport's offseason. How bad would it be during the peak of the NFL, NBA and college football?

Not good.

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kevin n. said...

not only would they get killed by the NFL, but who wants to go watch soccer in the rain and snow. Soccer is a summer sport, the rest of the world needs to switch to our schedule ; )