June 10, 2009

Soccer body jewelry LINKS?

Not sure I want to go there. Where all those rods are going, I dunno.

How about some links:
  • The Bundesliga was the highest attended league. [The Offside]
  • The Kaka move was blasted by the Barca boss. Surprise. [ESPN]
  • The top 10 t-shirt messages. Post goal-scoring, of course. [Pies]
  • Is young Arjen Robben coming back to the EPL? [The Spoiler]
  • More on Setanta's financial woes. [SSR]
  • Shunsuke wants some respect. Go Japan! [Goal.com]
  • Is TFC's BMO getting grass? [MLS Rumors]
  • Wigan has a new coach. Whoo! [Daily Mail]
  • San Jose made some roster moves. [SI]
  • And some more! [SBI]

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