June 10, 2009

VIDEO: Could Goal 3 look any worse?

I mean seriously? I've seen better productions some 10 years ago -- when my boys Adley and Josh ran a show called 'Middle School Mania'.

This is all green-screened and pathetic.

More pathetic than creating a fictional American on Arsenal played by Nick Cannon (Goal 2).



Anonymous said...

Not that I'm defending the movie, or anything, but I just found it funny that some of the first few scenes were, in the context of the movie, shot in front of a green screen (the players were shooting some ad for the World Cup, or something).

Anonymous said...

i cant BELIEVE they ruined a decent series
i liked the first movie a lot and the second was OK but the third was atrocious
no wonder it went straight to dvd, it should have gone straight to vhs
i thought this was supposed to follow santi not two handom footballers that are horrendous actors
and what about the girl santi got pregnant in the second movie? they sure can leave an open ending and not follow through
who in their right mind let this movie be made like this?!