June 25, 2009

Wiki world rankings

A little different than the FIFA world rankings, a couple teams swapped spots.

Some hotshot team is No. 1 and some other fell down to No. 14.

And Spain has some weird regional group too.

Hmmmmm, interesting.


not from spain said...

Jesus Christ, you yanks win one game and you think your the best team ever.

Fluke win in a Mickey Mouse competition, get over it

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, you assholes think cause we yanks win one game we think we're the best team ever.

Still a win in still a fifa competition, get over it.

Anonymous said...

@not from Spain - you're right. We need to cut our teeth against big boy competition like Andorra and Kazakhstan. Full strength squads of the African champions, world champions, European champions and South American champions (twice, no less) in a span of two weeks in a tournament format just doesn't cut the mustard, does it? Get over it, you weenie.

Anonymous said...

oh i forgot how good spain is..you jokes finally won a tournament and you all talk trash. last time i checked spain's got the same amount of world cups as us yanks