July 7, 2009

All about Cristiano

Ronaldo gets his grief. Maybe rightfully so considering his flopping, tanning and Paris Hilton-included social life.

But only a select few players in the world would be able to get 80,000 people to show up for an unveiling. The turnout even surprised the star player:
"I never imagined that fans would have such a feeling for me," he said.

"It was impressive. A special moment for me today."
I guess it was the largest turnout for a new signing ever. 50,000 showed up for Kaka last week. The previous record was 75,000 for Maradona at Napoli in '84.

And on another note, there are also the weird pictures of the physical -- in which Ronaldo received a clean bill of health. But why are photographers allowed in there?

I would not allow that. In the rare instance that the media/paparazzi were ever interested.

I think this move -- his so called "childhood dream" -- will work out well for most parties (Ronny, Real, fans), but the Premiership and Manchester United will certainly by missing something special next year.

And it will definitely be harder to keep up with him in a Spanish-speaking market. Oh well.

One more pic, then let's get to some videos:

1. Here's some all-around coverage (ESPN)

2. Here's him trying to juggle (101GG)

3. And a bit from his 1st presser (101GG)

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