July 28, 2009

Bolivian coach/dad quits

Remember the 12 year old phenom down there? He was the youngest to ever play in a first division match in Bolivia.

Well, his dad/coach quit the other day due to the backlash he received by playing his kid -- primarily for his own team.
"Sadly, a lot of people didn't like my son's debut. I'm not going to be told whether I play someone from my family or not," Baldivieso was quoted as saying.

"The country and the world need to know that in Bolivia talented youngsters get their legs cut off, to make room for foreign players, no doubt, or because of personal grudges," he added.

The daily La Razon said: "Baldivieso was told to choose between his son and the Aurra coaching job -- he opted to be a father".
Probably didn't help that the kid was injured in a harsh tackle.

Oh well, this story was fun while it lasted...

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