July 20, 2009

Crosstown rivalry fun

Ex-Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez gets a cheeky poster displayed in his honor by his new team: Manchester City.

Gotta love the playful, but noticeable, shot to the ribs.

As of right now, here's my predicted order of finish in the EPL next season (subject to change):

1. Chelsea
2. Liverpool

3. Manchester United

4. Manchester City

5. Arsenal


Anonymous said...

Chelsea? I wouldn't rule out Liverpool to win next season.

1. Liverpool
2. Man U
3. Chelsea
4. Man City
5. Arsenal

Xanthorpe said...

Tevez will be on a mission this year - the two derbies will be crackers!

Although a Red Devil fan myself, I have to be honest and say it will be extremely difficult for Fergie's boys to bag a third straight. Not impossible, but very difficult.

1. Liverpool: With very few losses to the side that pushed Manchester United to the brink last term, this season is make or break for Rafa's squad.

2. Manchester United: Early signs are good that the new #7 is serious about making an impact. Early days, but I like the effort and the serious expression on Owen's face after scoring - he's on a mission.

3. Manchester City: All that money can't be wrong, can it? 3 and 4 are a toss up for me. Can Mark Hughes find the right mix? Can the Manchester Blues defense hold up their end of the bargain? They'll have the attacking options but only time will tell.

4. Chelsea: They haven't lost much - unless you count John Terry (if he moves to the 'other' Blues). Anelka and Drogba are as potent a scoring pair as you'll see in the Prem this season and the midfield is still formidable. If Ancelotti works out better than Scolari, the Londoners could go as high as 2.

5. Arsenal, Aston Villa, Everton: Take your pick; although I like Everton to continue as the bridesmaid. I'm not counting Wenger out but I just don't see the quality in the Gunners week in and week out. Villa? Eh.

Best of the rest: Can Fulham continue to defy the odds and produce results? Dempsey is really coming into his own and I'd love to see Landon Donovan get a call from the Gaffer. They really need some more attacking options at the Cottage, especially with Zamora likely leaving for Hull.