July 20, 2009

Get booed like Beckham

To put it bluntly: the L.A. Galaxy fans didn't exactly give David Beckham a warm welcome in his first game back at the Home Depot Center.

It probably didn't help that the opponent was the last team the Englishman played for: AC Milan.

Beckham was booed in the pregame introductions and during every touch throughout the game. Derisive signs and chants were directed at the DP.
"I'm not disappointed. It doesn't affect me," he said. "You can't be liked by everyone."
Word is he even had a bit of a verbal spat with a fan that could've led to some physical altercation, were it not for security.

You never would've guessed he provided assists on both L.A. goals to lead the Galaxy to an impressive 2-2 tie with the Italian giants (that's beside the point, right?).

No wonder Milan and some EPL teams are posturing for his services.

Take a look at the highlights:

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Tech said...

No matter what Beckham does he's still a superstar.