July 24, 2009

I'm not injured LINKS

Word spread pretty quick yesterday that Arsenal's Eduardo was injured. I think I linked to it and saw it on a bunch of sites.

Turns out he's OK. Unlike his Google image search.


To the links:
  • There's a Barca/City match next month. [UK Net Guide]
  • Gerrard admits mistake in DJ beating. [BBC]
  • PGE remodel in Portland a go. [MLS Rumors]
  • Local kid Ely Allen to D.C.? [Big Soccer]
  • Argentina bans indebted clubs to sign players. [ESPN]
  • More on that Maradona-Portsmouth move. [FourFourTwo]
  • United chiefs scoffs at 39th game. [Guardian]
  • McBride has (season-ending) surgery. [SI]
  • U.S. not ruling out unlikely 2018 W.C. bid. [AP]
  • Brazil willing to spend whatever on W.C. [Yahoo!]
  • MLS newcomer rankings: week 18. [Center Holds It]

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Not true. Go to the arsenal website and look at their latest training photos and you will see Eduardo training with his teammates.