July 24, 2009

L.A. Riot Squad press release?

Pretty clear the Galaxy fans aren't the in the corner of the team's big superstar.

Certainly David Beckham's unapologetic comments to his behavior in the Milan friendly won't help. But the die-hard fan group recently sent out a bit of a press release to detail their goings-on.

Here's a snippet, check out the link if you're interested:
Will we support Beckham in the future?

We want to support David - we want to support anyone that wears our team's shirt. Had David responded differently on Sunday, the booing and chanting probably would have ended by halftime. We will almost certainly end the booing and chanting when Beckham plays in his first MLS match at our stadium, but it is ultimately up to David. If (he) shows the evident disinterest he did at the end of last season, or if he provokes us further, we might have something more to say to him, but our ultimate desire is to support him.
Should be interesting, considering the team is playing quite well.

Not sure I'm buying this press release from a fan group though... Or that supporting him is their end-game...

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