July 17, 2009

Ljungberg staying in Seattle

Now that's a nice DP.

The Anti-Beckham (kinda) Freddie Ljungberg said he isn't looking to make a move to any European club -- whether there be interest or not. He's staying in the Emerald City.
"I will stay here. I like it in Seattle," Ljungberg said after the Sounders wrapped up practice Thursday at Microsoft Corp. headquarters. "I just want to say that there may be rumors and stuff but I want to stay here and want to play, and let the fans and everyone know that I'm staying."
The former Arsenal and Swedish national team star is under contract for one more year. There was no mention of any extension talk.

Oh and bad news for another Sounders FC players. Rarely used and oft-injured Jarrod Smith has been released, but can rehab with the team.

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