July 23, 2009

Locked out LINKS

One of the legends in the soccer blogosphere, Ollie Irish of Who Ate All the Pies?, has been locked out of his publication due to politics.

Some dispute between ex- and current owners.

Ugh. Sounds awful, poor guy.

Now the links:
  • Is it Walcott's time at Arsenal. [EPL Talk]
  • Azteca in August. Sounds awesome. [TiAS]
  • South African footie history. [The Offside Rules]
  • Sven eyes Premier League with L2 team. [BBC]
  • Ivory Coast banned for stadium tragedy. [SI]
  • Gunners' Eduardo hurt now. [Daily Mail]
  • Played banned by FA for betting. [Goal.com]
  • More on that Gerrard case. [Guardian]
  • Brazil's W.C. cost: $40 billion? [Yahoo!]

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