July 21, 2009

MLS expansion cities

I hear, via MLS Rumors, that there are potentially five cities vying for two expansion franchises in Major League Soccer.
According to articles from the Sports Business Journal and Dynamoplanet.com, the candidate list to become the 19th or 20th team in MLS is down to five. They are Atlanta, Montreal, The Carolinas, Florida (likely Miami), and St. Louis.
I rank 'em this way on my preference:

1. St. Louis
2. Montreal
3. Florida (likely Miami)
4. Atlanta
5. The Carolinas


cornerkick said...

you need to show the updated BC & Portland & Philly sites.

I had no idea St. Louis was so close to KC, Columbus, & Ohio. I just don't see the depth of fan base.

Anonymous said...

What about Milwaukee? Are we even in the running?