July 31, 2009

Old Ronaldo and the liposuction

What a great story found by The Spoiler. Since then I've seen something on SI.com also.

Rumor has it the old Brazilian had a bit of liposuction recently. It made perfect sense to couple the surgery with the procedure to fix his broken hand.

Of course, the lipo had to remain under-wraps.
Ronaldo is not speaking, and his club Corinthians is neither confirming nor denying that the striker had the surgery while he hospitalized to repair a broken hand.

Several local media are reporting, based on unnamed sources, that doctors removed 70 centimeters of fat from Ronaldo's waist on Wednesday.
There's a lot of smoke around this incident (non-denial denials, a fake name, a long-existing desire to lose weight), so there has to be a fire.

Good times, check out the lengthy reports.


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