July 8, 2009

Remember that guy? LINKS

The Offside asks us a very tough question.

Does anyone remember Ronaldinho and how awesome he was?

It certainly has been a while Mr. Gaucho...

Let's do the links:
  • Freddy Adu has a lot riding on the Gold Cup. [SI]
  • The Czech Republic has a new coach. [ESPN]
  • Iraq has a game with Palestine soon. [Yahoo!]
  • Peter Crouch wins. He just does. [Dirty Tackle]
  • Bad, bad, bad, bad hair. [Who Ate All the Pies?]
  • Ronaldo still being Ronaldo in Spain. [Kickette]
  • Sounders FC dudes on D-List magazine. [SSE]
  • CR9 is selling some of his nice cars. [The Spoiler]
  • A Wimbledon showing by Sir Alex Fergie. [TOW]

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