July 16, 2009

Seattle Sounders FC and attendance

A great post over The Offside: Seattle compares the glowing attendance totals at Qwest Field to those around the world's leagues.

12th in the Bundesliga (top attended league in the world)
12th in the Premiership
8th in La Liga
6th in Serie A
3rd in the Scottish Premier League
13th in Major League Baseball

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Skurny said...

Love this post and the stats you provided. I've spent a lot of time in Seattle for work the past few years but consider myself a KC Wiz fan (also because of work stuff...been to 4 games in the Calderon, including the Santos match). I love that the Sounders are getting so many fans there. Awesome fan showing against Chelski a few weeks ago. The match against Barca should be great next week, wish I could be there.