July 15, 2009

Unhappy people roundup

Gone for a week and come back to a lot of people angry in the headlines.

But I'll start out with one happy update: the strike by World Cup construction workers in South Africa IS OVER! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!

Sadly, that's the last positive bit in this post.

  • Word is Brazilian legend Romario (right) is in trouble with some child support payments, or lack of.

  • FIFA isn't happy with corruptions in transfers and is set to do something about it.

  • Some Rangers fans have been charged for attacking the police.

  • And vice versa, some Italian police are in trouble for killing a Lazio fan.

  • An Argentine kid was banned 60 days for starting a fracas down south.

  • Soccer in France also has some drama, with the Toulouse president ripping into Lyon.
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