July 31, 2009

Young Chelsea sucks up to the boss

Franco Di Santo, your nose is turning very brown.

You really expect anyone to believe this outlandish tale you told the media about Blues billionaire owner Roman Abramovich?

Take a look:
Di Santo recalls a story that has passed into mythology about Abramovich choosing to buy Chelsea after eyeing the stadium from his helicopter.

“That is what they say,” joked Di Santo. “He also wanted to buy other things, but they belonged to the Queen.”

Di Santo says Abramovich hardly has the look of one of the world’s richest men.

“He is quite humble,” Di Santo told Argentine newspaper Ole. “You see him with a plastic watch, in a sweater and ordinary shoes. He told me to speak more English, but he doesn’t speak much, so between us we are in trouble.”
He probably won a $1 billion bet to wear that plastic watch.

And you probably know he could ship you to Siberia and not think twice about it. So way to play it smart, you suck up!

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