August 18, 2009

Bachelor LINKS

Dirty Tackle found the newest most eligible bachelor in the soccer ranks.

Don't think the prospective WAGs will be flocking too fast though.

Let's do links:
  • Top 10 EPL signings (that will struggle). [The Spoiler]
  • Vagenas: Beckham has done me worse. [Yahoo!]
  • Sounders FC fans gone wild...? []
  • 'Dolo and Bradley shunned by swine-fearing teams. [Goff]
  • Rich Texan set to buy Serie A team. [TribalFootball]
  • Defoe accuses cops of harassment. [Daily Mail]
  • Do Seattle fans have an honest gripe? [SounderAtHeart]
  • Juve will win the league, says Lippi. []
  • New Zealand slashing W.C. qualifier tix. [ESPN]
  • Wenger: Super League is coming. [Guardian]
  • Brazilian learning new languages for 2014 W.C. [SI]
  • Hitler rants on Red Bull New York. [The Offside Rules]

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