August 19, 2009

Chelsea lookin' good

A 3-1 win against Sunderland on Tuesday puts Chelsea on top of the table.

With upcoming games against Fulham, Burnley and Stoke, I'm making a big prediction.

The Blues will stay atop for the rest of the season.

At least by points, not necessarily on goal differential.

This is the finishing order I had a month ago, and I'm sticking with it:

1. Chelsea
2. Liverpool
3. Manchester United
4. Manchester City
5. Arsenal

Oh, and Wolves beat Wigan 1-0. Congrats on the first win back up top.


Anonymous said...

Arsenal 5th????? You sure you know this game?

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidin' me! The Gunners finishing 5th? Have you seen the game on Saturday? Maybe you watched it on FOX :-)

The Beautiful Game said...

yeah, that arsenal pick back then looks pretty dumb now, but it's too late to flip flop

i didn't expect (and still don't) that central defense of gallas and vermeulen to hold up

ΓΌ75 said...

Chelsea no longer on top.