August 17, 2009

ESPN airing some Premiership action

Good news for American soccer fans. You'll be able to watch some EPL action multiple times in the next couple months on cable.

Bad news? The times aren't so fun for non-DVR fans on the West Coast. Anyways, here's the schedule that I think is all on ESPN2:
Aug. 22, 6:55 am, Wigan v Manchester Utd
Aug. 24, 11:55 am, Liverpool v Aston Villa
Aug. 29, 4:40 am, Chelsea v Burnley
Sept. 12, 6:55 am, Liverpool v Burnley
Sept. 1, 4:40 am, Burnley v Sunderland;
Sept. 26, 4:40 am, Portsmouth v Everton
Sept. 28, 11:55 am, Manchester City v West Ham
Why so much Burnley? I have no idea...

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