August 11, 2009

European craziness

1. FC Basel captain attacks his teammate -- Goalkeeper Franco Costanzo was fined for getting in a shouting match with defender Beg Ferati at the end of a league match Sunday, then pulling his hair. "I have made a big mistake which, of course, I cannot excuse,'' Costanzo said. "This will never happen to me again.'' He could be punished further by the league, but he won't loss his captaincy.

2. French player locked in his own trunk -- Lille striker Pierre-Alain Frau was robbed by bad guys posing as cops and locked in the back of his own Mercedes. The punks then let him out in a different part of town and drove off. "They released Frau on the street in a residential area before making off with his vehicle, credit card, mobile phone and hundreds of euros." That's the second attack on this poor guy since October.

3. English dude banned for betting -- Always a bad thing to get caught doing. Accrington Stanley defender Peter Cavanagh of the fourth tier was banned eight months for betting on a game in which he was playing. "The English defender was accused of including the match in an accumulator bet of 5 pounds that also included other games." He was also fined $5,800.

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