August 13, 2009

Final thoughts on USMNT v. Mexico

After absorbing everything from yesterday's 2-1 loss at Azteca, here are some final thoughts:
  • It's disappointing but not damning. Six points against El Salvador and Trinidad & Tobago will make me forget about it.
  • I know Mexican fans have a reputation for being bad, but I am thoroughly disgusted with what I read about here, and from Grant Wahl's little notebook (at the end).
  • I am more disappointing than I previously noted in the referee. He clearly had no control, got swept up in the environment and was far too one-sided.
  • In the end, being outshot 15-4 and 7-1 on goal will very rarely get you a result.
  • I never want Charlie Davies off the field. And I hate Nery Castillo forever for putting his hands on our young star.
All for now. Let's get 'em in September. Here's the highlights/roundup.

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