August 20, 2009

Holy Benitez LINKS

The whole soccer world went crazy for a couple hours yesterday when everyone was convinced Liverpool coach Rafa Benitez was gonna quit.

Well he's not.

At least not yet.

Now the links:
  • Galaxy win, sans Beckham. [MLSnet]
  • Some offensive shirt sold online. [Guardian]
  • Bad day for a Bolivian team. [ESPN]
  • Agoos and Osorio out after this season? []
  • WPS investors committed despite loses. [SI]
  • New S.J. stadium plan on hold. [WV Hooligan]
  • Crazy, original look-a-like. [Pies]
  • Maradona's pre-Brazil rallying call. [Yahoo!]
  • Quotes o' the week. Love these. [SSN]
  • VIDEO: USA's World Cup bid clip. [TOW]
  • MLS expansion San Antonio? [MLS Rumors]

1 comment: said...

Maradona has really put himself on the line by taking over Argentina midway through a shakey qualification series. Unlike the rest of Argentina I don't see defeat in this game as a disaster as the points will be picked up elsewhere. Even if it means playing on CONCACAF team in a playoff