August 20, 2009

One ref loses all credibility

Referee Darren Deadman should be, well, a dead man. Especially after Carlisle United player-coach Graham Kavanagh heard the man in the middle make some disturbing in-game remark.
“It was in the second half of the game, the ball went out to the left and as the Millwall lad crossed it, I was running back into the box. As the ball came in, Neil Harris went to hit it and I heard the referee say, quite clearly, ‘Get in, Harris’.

“I regarded that as being out of order and I confronted the ref. At first he ignored me, then he said he hadn’t said anything. Then, 10 minutes later, he changed his story and said the reason he had said it was because he had played an advantage and it had led to a scoring opportunity, which reflected well on him as a referee.
So wrong.

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