August 24, 2009


I just had to post this picture.

Just had to.

So funny.

Links me:
  • Fans fight police. 150 arrested. [The Offside]
  • Peru soccer avoids a boycott. [Living in Peru]
  • USMNT coaching salaries. [Goff]
  • Epic Kaka video. Epic. [The Offside Rules]
  • Greek wildfire (wtf?) postpones match. [Yahoo!]
  • Cash-deficient Valencia gets a loan. [SkySports]
  • Wolfsburg's home unbeaten streak ends. [SI]
  • Chad Ochocinco drops some soccer love. [UF]
  • Houston's got a new DP. [Chronicle]
  • Bayern has 2 points in 3 games. Ouch. [The Local]
  • New potential W.C. sites list in the U.S. [ESPN]
  • Rey Mysterio and Real Madrid. [101 Great Goals]

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