August 20, 2009

Patrice Evra brings the party

Can't you tell? Apparently he's the DJ for the Red Devils.
Evra, 28, said: "I enjoy the role very much. Before the match I sit down in my room and work out a playlist.

"I have to change it every time. You don't know these guys - they're like dogs!

"They're hungry for new songs and get angry if it's the same stuff as the last game.

"So I mix it up and make sure everybody's happy. I put some English music, some Brazilian, some R 'n B, some dance. Now it's part of the ritual before games.

"Sometimes other people try to put their own music on - I don't want to name names - but my team-mates say 'Come on, respect the iPod of Evra'."
I wonder what the pre-Burnley mix was...

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