August 3, 2009

Sounders FC: FAIL

Seattle lost 4-0 to San Jose. San Jose!

Not the birthday present I was looking for -- though a midseason friendly with Barcelona will help a little.

But seriously, did they forget they had an MLS game on the schedule? How do you lose 4-0 to a last-place team in the Western Conference.

4-0? Outshot 13-6? Another red card?

In Sigi we trust, I guess.

In a super-harsh light, that's a 1-3-1 record recently (for Kasey Keller mainly, but also some others) when you consider Chelsea and Everton.

Embarrassment was the word o' the day in the Sounders FC locker room and for good reason.

I hope this was just something they needed to get out of their system.

Though losing Fredy Montero to the Colombian national team for a bit won't help...

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