August 25, 2009

U2 hates your soccer field

The music-making Irishmen have been on tour, and their concerts are ruining soccer fields.

A Saturday game between Queens Park and Albion Rovers was postponed after a pregame field inspection.

Nails and glass were found in Rotherham before a game against Rochdale, according to assistant manager David Flitcroft:
“We had a report done before the game at about 1320. We found shards of glass and we found two nails as we came off the pitch. Just doing a warm-down session with the players, I found five pieces of glass. I don’t know where the blame lies for the state of the pitch but I do know the referee took responsibility for that game and, if one of our players had torn a big gash out of his leg due to glass or something, well.“
That's crazy stuff.

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