August 14, 2009

VIDEO: Enter Azteca if you dare

1. Is this a war zone? No, it's Azteca

2. Look how friendly the locals are


Matt (Athens, OH) said...

Stay classy, Mexican fans.

Anonymous said...

You in the US just don't get it. For some reason, all around the world, soccer fans are quite nasty. Not only in Mexico, but also in South America and Europe visiting fans risk life and limb in matches charged with rivalry.

Matt (Athens, OH) said...

I get it. Agreed.

It's like the graciousness Eagles-Cowboys fans show one another. Or like Giants-Dodgers fans in the bleacher sections.

Strong show of police presence it looks like from these videos, particularly the first one.

I suppose if US soccer fans ever get this aggressive, it should be a sign that the sport has come a long way. Seriously.

magava said...


that is nothing like anything generated in the United states, nowhere even close

matt-that said, look at the Seattle-v-Portland, that rivalry is intense.

MEXICO 5 - USA 0 said...

If the US wants to fully understand the game they must realize one thing: futbol fans will do whatever it takes to antagonize the other team!

This is universal to futbol. It is not limited to Mexico or Azteca.

Ever go to Inter vs Milan? How about a Netherlands vs Germany game? Celtic vs Rangers? Ever witness an irate English fan after their team loses an important match?

US fans: stop your whining. Fans antagonize each other.

Furthermore, these videos clearly show that the Mexico police are helping the US fans get out of the stadium. Thousands of Mexico fans are being blocked so that the US fans can leave. The police even built a barrier around you. What more do you want?

May I remind you that this is a sport for MEN. If you do not fit that description, please make like Elvis and leave the building.